Symbionics offers coaching by Trish Slatin, who became a Certified Professional Coach in 2016 through the Center for Coaching Certification (approved by the International Coaching Federation).

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as: “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

Studies conducted by the International Coaching Federation show coaching offers significant benefits such as increased productivity in work performance, improved business and time management, and stronger team effectiveness. Additional benefits include: improved self-confidence, relationships, communication, and a work-life balance.

As a coach, Trish first collaborates with you to create time and financial management systems that meet your needs. Once those systems are in place, she then puts you in the driver’s seat. She becomes your strategy partner, helping you to clarify your own goals, explore options, and create action plans. Together, you explore, challenge, and expand your thinking to work through obstacles and consider different approaches.

Trish acts as your sounding board, providing you with the space to brainstorm and talk through different ideas for effective decision-making. We know learning is far more effective when individuals figure it out for themselves instead of being told what to do. Trish’s job is to ask you the right questions and present different perspectives that empower you to make effective decisions.

Finally, as your accountability partner, she helps keep you focused and on track, ensuring that you are intentional with your time and your strategy, and that your action steps are moving you closer to your goals. Together, you will take time to reflect, re-evaluate, and address internal motivations, benefits, and value while recognizing  success and celebrating your achievements.


 “As your strategy and accountability partner, I help you clarify your own goals, explore options, and create action plans”.