Meet Wonde Shiferaw Haile

Wonde was born in Ethiopia. He decided he wanted to become an accountant while he was still in Middle School. He eventually joined a prominent local insurance company, worked his way up to branch manager supervising a team of underwriters, and earned his BA in Business Administration in 2011 (GPA: 4.0) and his MBA in 2013. He and his wife (an assistant bank branch manager) had three children. Their life seemed set.

Then Wonde won a U.S. immigrant visa for himself and his family under the Diversity Visa program in 2014. He and his wife made the fateful decision to leave the life they knew and come to the United States for the sake of their kids.

After moving to Laurel, MD, Wonde earned his A.A. degree in Accounting from Howard Community College in 2018 and plans to earn a B.A. in Accounting from University of Maryland University College by 2021. He is currently working as an Invoice Specialist for a local construction company.

Wonde likes detailed work and is very persistent. “I must finish what I start,” he says, “even if it means I don’t go to sleep.” We are very happy to have Wonde Haile join the Symbionics team. He brings his love of Accounting, his stellar work ethic, and his dedication to getting every detail right.