What people are saying about QuickBooks™ as a Tool

“How important it is to be responsible to myself and learn to record correctly and stay up to date.”
– Martha Lucius, Cavelletta Media

“The importance of systems!”
– Freda Edwards, Enlighten Excursions

“The debit and credit exercise was very helpful and the presentation helped me understand the “system” and how I need to establish a system that works for me.”

What people are saying about Time Money Optimization

“I learned ways to improve my “system” for managing and tracking my time. Very practical advice.”
– Gwen Muse-Evans, GME Enterprises

“I learned how important time management is and how it affects my life.”
– Shawn Price, S.A.P. Automotive Group

“Setting priorities and goals are important to success.”
– Fonda Wynn, Wynn Development Consultants

“The importance of establishing a solid plan and staying focused on implementation. Trish is clearly engaged and enthusiastic about the program.”
– Becky Redett, Sassy Cyclist

“Trish has really helped me to see how organization and consistency is really key to success. The workshop was awesome!”
–  Keah Crosby, KC Properties

“How important it is to quantify and budget my time.”
– Jason Blum, East Coast Professional IT Services

“Being efficient with my time budget as well as my money budget will enable me to better myself.”
– Ronald Sherrill, SPARCH, Inc.

“How important it is to have an understanding of time in order to know how much your time is worth.”
– Erin Cassell, Roll Up N Dye

“I learned how to start implementing time budget management.”
– Tanya Charles, Consider This, LLC

“Well done! Trish is clearly dedicated to this work. Thank you!”

“Preparation! Understanding of the challenges to a successful business – much of what I did not know.”
– Jeff Brodsky

“The value of investing the time to track and predict finances.”
– Lorrie Ilah, A & J Concierge Services

“I learned so much! Importance of work-life balance, budgeting persona and business life, keeping a schedule, streamlining operations, etc. This is a great kickstart to getting on the right right road to financial and personal success.”
– Andrea Vinson, Consider This, LLC

“I learned tips to help make time as tangible as money and how to make them work together in decision making. Also a great new way to think about time allocation.”
– John Trapani, Trapani & Associates, LLC