Meet Trish Slatin

Trish loves numbers. She loves adding them, finding the missing variables, and exploring patterns. That’s why she loves the accounting process: it gives structure to numbers in the business world.

Trish has always been fascinated with small business. One of the most influential people in her life was her high school accounting teacher, who started the semester of her Accounting II class by giving them a packet of transactions and journals to simulate running a business. They teamed up for three months processing every transaction – and this was before computers! At the end of the semester, their grade was based on the net profit – not if it was high or low, but if it was correct. Trish’s teacher knew what the answer should be if they recorded their transactions correctly. That was when Trish knew this was what she wanted to do in her career: build efficient and effective systems and interpret the numbers.

Trish earned a Business degree from the University of Maryland (she wishes they had offered Entrepreneurship as a major back then!). She has spent most of her adult life evaluating, experiencing, and understanding the world of business ownership through her own endeavors and working with a wide range of clients.

Trish knows that small business affects so many things. It’s not just ideas, goals, profits or losses. It’s not just a series of transactions. It’s lives, families, relationships, health, stability, time, and dreams. Success or failure isn’t isolated to the business; it affects everything from the people who own it to the employees, clients, and vendors. Trish believes that business is part of a larger system that needs to be honored and treated with respect. It’s that important.

Trish sees Marketing, Operations, and Finance as the three primary gears of any business. Marketing attracts and retains clients; Operations successfully carries out the product or service; and Finance records, monitors, and evaluates the health of the business. Business is like a Rubik’s Cube, where each transaction affects the whole.

In 2010, Trish launched Symbionics, LLC to support small business owners and entrepreneurs by empowering them with accurate financial information. After helping dozens of small business owners with significant financial clean-up and organization projects, she realized she needed to expand into Financial Systems Design to integrate financial components and build sustainable solutions throughout her clients’ companies.

In 2016, she added the program Time Money Optimization™, which is a process she trademarked. This process not only looks at how financial tasks are streamlined to accomplish the desired reporting and record keeping, but examines how everyone’s time could be streamlined and interconnected to reduce stress, raise productivity, and improve work-life balance​. This​ process ​decreases​ errors, missing transactions​, and tasks; increases​ accuracy and effective communication; and provides all relevant​ reporting to support​ operations. 

Trish is a Certified Professional Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification (approved by the International Coaching Federation) as well as a Certified Professional Bookkeeper through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). These two important certifications bolster her ongoing efforts to help her clients and support small business success. Trish adds value to any business and positions her clients to make informed, high-quality decisions that grow their bottom line and improve their quality of life.